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Skyhawk Emergency Fund & Persistence Grants


Fort Lewis College is committed to helping our enrolled students reach their full potential and persist in school through graduation. Many students are suddenly facing a different set of challenges including the inability to secure housing, afford basic needs, find access to resources for online learning, and more. The Skyhawk Emergency Fund & Persistence Grants help students address unexpected financial hardship by providing rapid financial support.


Prior to this situation, I worked two jobs and went to school every day and managed to keep a B average in classes. I’m really freaking out.”


Because of this virus, it has made it difficult to find a job, even at the places that are hiring... I am hoping any bit of money to help me get through these next couple months.”


“Due to COVID-19, I have lost my job. I’m a single mom of two kids with no job and I’m not sure how I’m going to keep food on the table. I’ve applied for unemployment but so has everyone else and that hardly pays the bills. I’ve spoken to my landlord about rent but he says he has to pay the mortgage and is sorry, but he can’t help me. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. Anything helps!”


I am a freshman at Fort Lewis College and I have no internet access where I live on the reservation. Since classes are going to resume online, I would need internet to continue my classes.”


“All I’m asking for is something to help me eat during this time…”


Hello, I hope that you find yourself healthy! I am a student at Fort Lewis College double majoring with Business Administration and Environmental Studies. I work at Purgatory Mountain Resort as a snowboard instructor and all instructors have all been laid off for the season as a result of coronavirus… I supplement my income with odd informal work, but that is slowing down now too. My mom is a substitute teacher; she is no longer working thanks to the virus. My father works with a high-end umbrella company and many of his suppliers are based in Europe, so his job is in question as well. I have two younger siblings that depend on my parents. Neither of my parents can support me at this time; money is tight in my family even without the virus. I pay for my own rent, groceries, car insurance, phone lease, and gas as well… This grant would be very helpful in this time of uncertainty and I am thankful that it exists for all the students struggling right now. Thank you!”

300 Donor Challenge
$100,000 from a very generous anonymous donor will be awarded to the Academic Initiatives Fund to provide unprecedented student support and retention funding once 300 donors give to any FLC cause. Help us earn this transformational gift!
Melissa & Andrew Mount's Skyhawk Emergency Fund Match
FLC Foundation CEO and VP of Advancement Melissa Mount and Andrew Mount will match each gift to the Skyhawk Emergency Fund & Persistence Grants dollar for dollar up to $1,000.
Gene & Sally Bradley's IRA Giving Challenge
A gift of $7,500 from Gene & Sally Bradley to the School of Business Administration Impact Fund will be unlocked when five donors make a gift to any FLC cause from their Individual Retirement Account for #GivingTuesday.
President Stritikus & Debbie Pfeifer’s 100 Donor Giving Challenge
A $1,000 gift from FLC President Tom Stritikus and Debbie Pfeifer to the Diversity Collaborative Fund will be unlocked when 100 donors give to any FLC cause on #GivingTuesday.
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